“Wild One” First Birthday Party Theme for Girls

There’s only one theme that fits my third baby for her first birthday — “Wild One.” The Wild One birthday party theme was the perfect fit for my adventurous little girl, and it turned out amazing. Now, I’m sharing exactly how the birthday party went and all the decorations I made (and purchased) to celebrate!

I’m huge on having themed birthday parties, even if we don’t go “all the way” out. I love to base it on my kid’s favorite things or something they’ll enjoy. In this case, I wanted to do something that matched her personality.

That being said, even though we did a lot, we still didn’t spend a lot — or not nearly as much as we have in the past. We DIYed many of the decorations that we purchased for parties in the past and spent most of the budget on food.

Here’s how the party turned out:

My Little One’s “Wild One” Themed Birthday Party

Wild One Birthday Party for One Year Old Girl | Everyday She Moms

I didn’t go for the traditional colors included in a Wild One birthday theme; I wanted to add a few pastels and muted tones, which meant I needed to put stuff together on my own (enter my DIY mom era).

I started by choosing the fabric online and reaching out to one of my favorite handmade boutiques, A&C Smocking Co., and she made this super cute romper for my littlest. She ships anywhere in the US, and you can use code “Sisters” to save 10% on any order.

Next, I tried to find a small cake from Publix (specifically Publix because this mama had a $50 gift card). Still, all their “mini” cakes were in funky flavors, so I opted for regular vanilla with a strawberry filling for her smash cake and grabbed this cute cake topper from Amazon.

Wild One Cake Topper on Vanilla Cake to Celebrate toddler first birthday | Everyday She Moms

While my other two littles snacked on the smash cake with their sister, I grabbed some yummy cookies and cream cupcakes from Publix as well.

I added these cute and affordable Wild One cupcake toppers (which I could’ve died if I had the time, but I didn’t).

I opted for the chocolate and vanilla mix (because why not?), and by the end of the party, there were only one or two left.

Shop my favorites

Wild One DIYs and Decor

Now that you know what I didn’t really DIY, let’s cover what I did. My sister and I DIYed pretty much all of the party decor, which was custom-made to match her color themes.

For example, her birthday month photo banner was made by hand using a Cricut cutter, yarn, and some scrapbooking paper left over from college.

DIY first birthday photo banner | Everyday She Moms

I also DIY’d her “Wild One” themed high-chair banner and made the “1” with the same scrapbooking paper and handmade yarn tassels.

I found the yarn at Joann’s, but depending on the color and type, you can find more affordable yarn online.

Another DIY, but done by my sister, is the Wild One birthday banner. We hung this above the snacks and food, but I didn’t get a good picture.

She picked the perfect paints to match the theme, and I’m holding on to it for a while because she did such a great job.

Wild One Birthday Wall Banner | Everyday She MOms

I kept the party decor simple in comparison to my first daughter’s Wonderland-inspired first birthday party. There’s no difference in how much I love them, but I wanted to focus on the fun rather than the decor!

How to Have a “Wild One” First Birthday Party

First step: pick your colors. I only say this because there is so much decor and inspiration out there, but they’re all centered around different Wild One themes, which can make planning your party a pain.

Next, you’ll want to get realistic about what you can and can’t DIY and if you’re DIY-ing to save money, look at if it WILL actually save you money or if you actually have the time to do it.

Finally, remember to give yourself grace. Your little one will love their birthday, even if some of your brushstrokes are messy or your banners are uneven. What they want is to have fun, eat some sweets, get a gift, and spend time with you!

If you want some more party theme ideas, check out this list of two-year-old birthday party themes for girls. If you want to know how to make the DIY photo banner, read through this quick walkthrough here.

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"Wild One" First Birthday Party Theme for Girls | Everyday She Moms
"Wild One" First Birthday Party Theme for Girls | Everyday She Moms

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