I’m Mckayla

I'm blessed to be living and sharing on this platform. Being a mom is HARD and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise - but that doesn’t mean we love our littles any less. I’ve been happily married for almost two years now and I’m a full-time WFHM.

Typically, I’m covered in breastmilk and corralling a toddler, but sometimes I’m also spotted rocking a mom-sweater & ripped jeans at my local Target - nothing special! So, whether you’re here just to look around, want to share your own story, or randomly stopping by, it’s all good! Enjoy!

Mama of two littles, one boy and one girl

I’m not the OG Everyday She Moms gal

The OG Everyday She Moms mama is Pamela, a mom blogger turned designer who trusted me to make the most of the community - and I feel like that’s exactly what we did!

I’m not the OG Everyday She Moms gal, I’m actually the second (or maybe even the third?) mama to take over!

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