9 Two-Year-Old Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

Hosting a birthday party for your toddler can be a bit overwhelming. For example, their favorite things change almost monthly, so it’s hard to prepare too far in advance – but you don’t want to host a party they won’t enjoy. When I was looking up two-year-old birthday party ideas for girls to use for my toddler who will soon be turning two, I noticed quite a few cute and fun ones I decided to share!

Of course, there are TONS of ideas out there for your toddler. I did limit myself to only choosing a few and picking the ones that were also a play on words – because why not! If you hosted a themed birthday or are planning a themed party for your toddler’s 2nd birthday, don’t forget to let me know in the comments!

Psssttt… Don’t stress yourself out over a “perfect” birthday party! Your toddler is going to love it anyways. Schedule yourself a day of self-care afterward to recover from all that planning and prep!

#1. Oh Twoodles!

I didn’t expect a Minnie Mouse themed party be one of the top two-year-old birthday party ideas for girls, but this Oh Twodles! theme is one of the cutest! I would recommend only using this theme for your little one if she actually enjoys – or knows what – Minnie Mouse is. Still, the gold and pastel pink combo is gorgeous.

Photo Credit & Inspiration Links: Sparkle Everything US, Alyssa Hunter, Glitter Me Cute, Pink Heart Cookies, Merak Designs by Zikki

#2. Twotti Frutti

Twotti Fruitti is for the two-year-old toddler who loves fruit! This 2nd birthday party theme is the perfect theme for an outdoor party in the spring or summer. You can decorate with fruit-themed items and serve healthy snacks based on your toddler’s favorite fruits. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should skip on the sweets altogether! The cake toppers and unique fruit-styled cake pops and cookies are greats options to serve to your guests.

If you’re choosing to go the Twotti Fruitti route, check out this ultimate collection of tutti fruity party ideas!

Photo Credit & Inspiration Links: Nat Your Average Girl, Sweet Sophia Designs, Bird’s Party, Kara’s Party Ideas, Baked By Cookie

#3. Two Sweet

A personal favorite two-year-old birthday party ideas for girls, Two Sweet is the perfect opportunity to go crazy with pastels – and it’s super easy to decorate for! There are tons of decorations available online and to DIY for Two Sweet (and be reused for future parties). You can also use this as a one-year-old birthday party theme like Tiny Hands Tidy Home did with She’s A Sweet One.

Photo Credit & Inspiration Links: Cake & Confetti, Party Eight, Petras Creations CA, Baketini Bake Shop

#4. TwoTwo Cute!

Two Two Cute or Tutu Cute, this ballerina inspired two-year-old toddler birthday party theme is absolutely adorable. The tutu gifts? Yes please. I will say the downside is that this can turn into a VERY pink birthday party for your toddler. Still, your toddler may love pink things – I know mine does!

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#5. Two the Moon

While I haven’t attended a Two the Moon birthday party for toddler girls, I will be attending a one-year-old space-themed birthday party soon! This theme is so diverse and can be personalized by what your toddler loves – purples, pinks, silvers, gold, and blues! Also, who doesn’t love stars and shiny decor?

Photo Sources & Inspiration Links: Soiree Love, The Photo Punks, Party Barco, Good Night Fox

#6. Two Wild

Two Wild is one of the birthday party ideas that I was considering for my own daughter’s second birthday! I really appreciate this one because I’m a huge fan of green – and sometimes when need a break from the constant pastels, pinks, and even purples. Plus, if anything describes a two-year-old it would be a little “wild.”

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#7. Tea for Two

Tea for Two brings me back to my daughter’s first birthday party, Addie in Onederland. Tea parties hold a special place in my heart as my great-grandmother was an avid teapot collector and tea party host when I was little. I think tea parties for two-year-olds are not only adorable but can be done in nearly any color palette, making it a great option for when you don’t want to stick with pink. Still, the pastels look gorgeous.

Photo Sources & Inspiration Links: BellsNBerries, SweetSetups, Style Your Senses, Shop Party Haus, All Over Creations

#8. Two Groovy

I’ve had a first-hand experience with a Two Groovy birthday party for a little girl and let’s just say it was absolutely adorable! While it’s one of the more “extra” birthday party themes, it can definitely be executed in the BEST ways. With tons of balloon options, cake toppers, and outfits, you’ll have tons of shopping options – although you may not like the final price (although it’s 100% worth it!).

One of my favorite parts of the Two Groovy birthday theme is the Two Groovy Cakes! They’re just too cute!

Photo Sources & Inspiration Links: The Boho Diaries, Daily Inspired, KG Designs by Krystal

#9. Taco Twosday

Taco Twosday or Taco Bout Two is one of my absolute faves – we did a similar theme for my son’s baby shower and I must say it makes food easy AND desserts pretty. This one is a bit popular with different versions based on their age so there are plenty of ideas and inspiration to use for your two-year-old’s birthday party if you choose this theme!

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Unique two-year-old birthday party themes for girls | Everyday She Moms
Unique two-year-old birthday party themes for girls | Everyday She Moms
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