DIY Halfway to One Donut Photoshoot at Home

One of the cutest trends to hop on lately if you have a newborn is the “halfway to one” celebrations. Typically themed around their “six months” out in the world, it’s an adorable practice that creates a memorable activity and photos for mamas! This is why we – of course – decided to do a DIY halfway-to-one donut photoshoot at home.

Luckily, it was easy to do and ended with a delicious snack for us and her! But, if you’re not ready to let your little one have a taste of something so sweet, opt for a different or even homemade donut rather than store-bought.

While the donuts we from the local Krispy Kreme, everything else was pretty easy to put together!

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What You Need for Your Halfway to One Donut Photoshoot

For the most part, we already had everything we needed at home! The good part about the half-a-dozen birthday theme is that you can get creative and do whatever you want color-wise. You can even go for the seasonal donuts and have your photos holiday-themed!

But, to write down the basics, you’ll need:

The photos were taken on an iPhone 13, but any of the latest smartphones should provide the same or better quality.

Our DIY Halfway to One Donut Photoshoot at Home

We did a few different setups for our photos. We tried the classic “rainbow” set-up with our donuts and baby girl laying flat, but we also went for a few photos sitting up with the donuts still in the box!

Here’s how our DIY halfway-to-one donut photoshoot went:

DIY Halfway to One Donut Photoshoot at Home | Everyday She Moms
Baby Eating Donut in Six Month Photoshoot at Home | Everyday She Moms
Halfway to One DIY Photoshoot at Home | Everyday She Moms

And her final look where she’s sitting up with her donuts to celebrate her half-birthday ended up like this:

Donut Themed Halfway to One Photoshoot at Home | Everyday She Moms

All in all, the end result was amazing! It was just what we were looking for and both she and I had so much fun.

It was such a simple thing DIY to do that created sweet memories that I’ll be able to keep forever – and show her later as she grows up!

I can’t wait to start planning for her first birthday party – and maybe even her second birthday too!

What do you think of this DIY? Would you try it? Let us know in the comments below what you think!

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