What is a Baby Sprinkle? The Low-Key Alternative to a Baby Shower

A baby sprinkle is essentially a low-key alternative to a baby shower typically reserved for the second, third, fourth, fifth, or however many babies you have. It’s a lot smaller – in my personal experience – than a baby shower, but has all the excitement and celebration.

While baby showers can be large and in-charge, a baby sprinkle flies a little bit under the radar and is a great option for when you want to throw a party but feel a little uncomfortable “going big.” For me, a sprinkle-style baby shower was perfect since I wasn’t fully showing off the fact that I was (and currently am) pregnant.

Now, just because it was a “smaller” party didn’t mean that my sibling skipped on the preparation or decor. We still had a “sprinkle” themed sprinkle with cute cupcake toppers, chocolate-covered strawberries, and cute sprinkle invitations – although they were delivered virtually.

Anyways, here’s what you need to know about throwing a baby sprinkle, some common questions I was asked (and had), and where to find awesome games and inspiration if you’re considering throwing your own baby sprinkle!

What is a Baby Sprinkle? How Did Baby Sprinkles Start?

Donut themed baby sprinkle for third baby. Where did baby sprinkles start? What is a baby sprinkle? | Everyday She Moms

As I mentioned before, a baby sprinkle is a smaller low-key version of a baby shower that is hosted for a family’s second child (and children after). The party is not only smaller in size and attendance, but the gifts are different – rather than large baby shower gifts, you receive mainly diapers, wipes, and clothing for the new baby.

There’s no set “start” of the baby sprinkle, but it likely stemmed from the southern need to throw a party for every occasion. As for the name, it stemmed from “showers” aka a sprinkle is a lighter version of a shower!

What Gifts Do You Give at a Baby Sprinkle?

Since this is the mom-to-be’s second child, it’s likely that they already have the big stuff like a crib, carrier, and maybe even an infant car seat depending on how old their first is. Still, there are some things you need new when you’re having a new baby – or some things you have to replace. If you’re having a baby of a different gender than the first, you may need more clothes, or if it’s been five years you may need a few “larger” items.

Common items you can expect to receive are the essentials, like baby bathing supplies, diapers, wipes, clothing, bottles, etc. If you’re pretty set or plan to buy the little stuff, you can use a crowdfunding feature for a larger item through an online registry like a four-seater wagon to manage all your kids or a nursery set.

Should You Have a Registry For Your Sprinkle?

Creating a baby registry for my sprinkle was a hard one, I felt like I couldn’t since this is my third child (aka wouldn’t I be asking for too much?). It was after my sister said “go for it” that I was like, “yep, I’ll do it.” While no one is required to shop from my registry, it did give party-goers and others who wanted to give a gift something to go off of.

I realized that no one really knew what I had left from my previous two kids except for me, particularly since we skipped having a party for my second. I was also able to specify the diapers, wipes, and brand of bath soap that worked best on my baby’s skin due to their skin sensitivities.

So it’s really up to the mom and what she’s comfortable with, but don’t hold back if you want to create one!

How Do You Throw a Baby Sprinkle?

Chocolate covered strawberries with sprinkles for baby sprinkle-shower party

It’s ultimately up to you! There’s really no wrong or right way to host or plan a baby sprinkle as long as the focus is – of course – on mama and baby! I can only share my personal experience with having a baby sprinkle hosted for me.

We had the sprinkle planned a good bit ahead of time and created a Facebook event to share the information. We did still however create a virtual invitation with the party time, date, and location. On the invite list were my closest friends and family. Overall, there were maybe ten people who attended!

I’m a huge foodie and sweets lover, so snacks, desserts, and finger foods were the priority. We had chocolate-covered strawberries, cupcakes, and donuts from Krispy Kreme for dessert. For food, my sister made chicken salad sandwiches and pimento cheese sandwiches, two different dips for chips, and the traditional baby shower bbq sausages. Then we had both fruit and veggie trays.

Although men were allowed to attend and my husband stayed for the beginning, none found it very interesting and went outside. We did have quite a few kids running around!

Can You Play Games at a Baby Sprinkle?

Of course! There’s no reason you should NOT play games – unless it’s simply not something you’re interested in. We didn’t play any games at my baby sprinkle, instead, we spent most of the time laughing at our (mainly mine) kids playing and having a good time and talking to each other.

If you can play the game at a baby shower, you can play the game at a baby sprinkle! Just remember that you might have a different number of attendees, so keep that in mind when you’re planning any of the games.

Should You Have a Baby Sprinkle?

Baby sprinkle cupcakes and cupcake toppers for third baby

I definitely recommend hosting one if you like get togethers! I also think that there’s no reason that you shouldn’t celebrate each and every baby – not just the first. If you’re uncomfortable with having a party, don’t have one, but if you’re on the fence because you’re not sure if you should host a baby sprinkle – just go for it!

It was a lot of fun and even though it was small, it was very memorable and it makes me regret not having some type of get-together for my second baby.

Are Baby Sprinkles a Good Idea After You’ve Had Multiple Children?

While I did feel a little awkward because it was for my third baby – I had the thought of “shouldn’t I have everything I need?” It still was tons of fun and I made sure not to pressure anyone for gifts! I mainly wanted the company of family and friends and to show her ultrasounds and just simply talk.

Don’t let your baby being your third, fourth, fifth, etc. be the only reason behind not hosting them (and yourself) a little sprinkle!

What do you think about baby sprinkles? Let me know in the comments down below!

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What is a Baby Sprinkle? The low-key alternative to a baby shower | Everyday She Moms
What is a Baby Sprinkle? The low-key alternative to a baby shower | Everyday She Moms

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