Where to Sell Your Old Maternity Clothes ASAP

Where to Sell Your Old Maternity Clothes ASAP

You get to where them for at most eight months and then you’re done – and now you have the choice to purge those old maternity clothes or box them up to save for the next pregnancy, if you want more kids that is.

But, what if you want to recover some of the money you spent on the too high-priced maternity pants or you’re 99.9% you don’t want to get pregnant again or at least not anytime soon, what do you do then? Here’s where to sell your old maternity closes ASAP and recoup your money (and free up some storage space).

Selling your old maternity clothes doesn’t need to be complicated and you don’t need to worry about setting up an account on every platform. Plus, unless it’s a popular or high-priced brand, most resell apps are not the best method of selling your old maternity clothes. When it comes to the unpopular brands (think Amazon), the best place to start is Facebook. Next, you can try popular apps like Poshmark or Ebay.

The Best Facebook Groups for Reselling Your Old Maternity Clothes

The pros of selling your old maternity clothes on Facebook: no fees. The cons? Scams. Selling on Facebook offers the opportunity to sell without fees and you can bundle most of your clothes together, assuming they’re the same size. Plus, with Facebook groups, you’re reaching a huge pre-made audience that is there specifically for maternity clothes – and are not really interested in anything else.

As of right now, there are only five Facebook groups I can recommend for where to sell your old maternity clothes:

#1. Maternity Clothes Buy/Sell/Free

Maternity Clothes Buy/Sell/Free Facebook Group - Where to Sell Your Old Maternity Clothes RIGHT NOW

With a little over 2k members, the Facebook group Maternity Clothes Buy/Sell/Free is a great place to both sell your old maternity clothes and find affordable maternity clothes in your size. You can purge your closet in one large post or post your items individually.

#2. Maternity Clothes Exchange Group

Maternity Clothes Exchange Group Facebook Group for selling and buying used maternity clothes at an affordable price

Maternity Clothes Exchange group is a maternity clothes reselling group that encourages members to barter rather than straight out sell their old clothes – although that is allowed. It’s a pretty active group and there are many ISO (in-search of) posts to add your items to.

#3. Maternity Clothes Swap

Maternity cloths Swap - where to sell your old maternity clothes ASAP

The Facebook group Maternity Clothes Swap has almost 4k members and is a great place to “purge” your old maternity clothes. You’ll see a lot of mixed Amazon brands along with different popular brands – I will say that purges tend to outweigh individual posts in this group, but it stays active and gets a good response on post.

#4. Maternity & Nursing Clothes BST

Maternity and Nursing Clothes BST How to Resell Your Maternity Clothes Right Now

Perhaps one of the larger groups where you can sell your old maternity clothes, Maternity & Nursing Clothes BST has around 14k members. This is probably the the best Facebook group to start in when listing your maternity clothes for sale. Plus, if you’re ever expecting again, you can typically do an ISO post to find affordable and cute inexpensive maternity outfits!

#5. Maternity Clothes Resell

Maternity Clothes Resell Facebook group for reselling your old maternity clothes

The actual largest Facebook group for reselling your old maternity clothes, Maternity Clothes Resell has almost 24k members. Wondering where to sell your old maternity clothes? This is the place! With so many members, it easy to get eyes on your old clothes and find the right expecting mom to shop. The downside is that with so many members, they have a lot of posts – meaning it can take awhile for yours to be approved.

The Best Apps You Can Use to Sell Your Old Maternity Clothes

Not a fan of Facebook or don’t trust Facebook users to actually pay once they claim an item? You can try selling your old maternity clothes through popular apps. While these apps tend to have a higher security and other seller benefits, they also take out a portion of your earnings. Depending on the clothing item, it can dissuade potential buyers from purchasing depending on how much you have to markup.

Here are three of the best apps to use when you want to sell our old maternity clothes:

#1. Poshmark

How to use poshmark to sell your old pregnancy clothes

Poshmark is a clothes reselling app that has been around for awhile. Thanks to that, they have a pretty secure reputation and safety regulations for shoppers and sellers. They do however take a nice little chunk out of your earnings. I will say that they sort of make up for it with standardized shipping and the ability to grow your community.

#2. Ebay

How to Sell Your Old Maternity Clothes on Ebay

Ebay is my favorite reseller’s app simply because it’s not “known” for one product. Many people from different places are looking for anything and everything – including affordable maternity clothes. EBay still has seller fees, but you have a few more listing options. For example, you can choose to put your items up for auction, sell them as is, and choose whether you or the buyer will cover shipping.

#3. Mercari

Selling your used maternity and pregnancy outfits on mercari

I’ll be honest, I’m not super familiar with how Mercari works now, but I’ve sold on the platform in the past. You can sell almost anything, but we’re focusing on maternity clothes. Mercari offers both buyer and seller protection and allows you to list your item for free and only charge you when your items actually sell.

Can You Sell Your Used Maternity Clothes Locally?

Yes! Absolutely – the best way to get started is by looking for local BST and local mom/parent based BST groups on Facebook. You can look for a group in your town, in your county or in your state. You can also look for shops that buy your old clothes and resell them in their storefront. The downside of this method is the pay is typically really low and they only accept brand name items.

Some shops you can look for in your area are Plato’s Closet, Clothes Mentor, and local consignment shops.

Are there any great shops or online platforms where you can resell your old or used maternity clothes? Let me know in the comments below!

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Where can you sell your old and used maternity clothes right now in 2023?
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