How to Keep Your Baby Warm in a Stroller

From cold winter days to chilly summer mornings, keeping your baby warm in their stroller is one of your top priorities when going out. Except, you might be wondering how to keep your baby warm in a stroller… A task that on the surface feels so simple yet when it comes to actually doing it, you feel like you’re doing it wrong – me too.

While keeping your baby warm seems like a simple idea, you have to take into account the temperature outside too. You don’t want your baby to be too warm – which can lead to more issues as babies can overheat easily – but you also don’t want your baby to be too cold.

Essentially, you need to look at the weather to determine what to bring and how to dress your baby and pack your stroller to make sure your baby is comfortable. You’ll also need to take into consideration if the weather is going to change while you’re out.

For example, if you’re going out on a chilly winter morning when the weather will likely stay cold all day or if you’re out in the summer, when the morning is cold but a hour later it goes from your 55 degree weather to an 80 degree day!

Now, let’s look at a few easy ways to dress your baby and layer your stroller to keep your baby warm and cozy!

How to Keep Your Babies Warm in Their Stroller Based on the Temperature

How to Keep Your Babies Warm in Their Stroller Based on the Temperature | Everyday She Moms

Cold weather should not be the final factor when you go out with your baby. Babies, when dressed appropriately, thrive in colder weather! Your baby’s temperament should be more of a deciding on when you can take a walk. And, sometimes, a good stroll outside will help your newborn or young baby settle!

Now, there are a few things to keep in mind when planning to go outside. Here are a few things to consider and watch for:

  • Watch the wind chill, it can make it feel much cooler than what the temperature says.
  • Make sure your baby is kept dry, damp or wet clothes can drastically decrease your baby’s temperature.
  • Know the limits, babies can go outside between -15 F and 90 F

Always take your babies indoors if you begin to see signs of redness, pain, numbness, cold to touch, shaking/shivering, poor feeding, rapid breathing, or bluish lips/skin. These are early signs of frostbite and hypothermia and are a sign that your baby is not properly dressed for the weather. Any persisting symptoms will need to be assessed by their pediatrician.

Let’s break this down by temperature:






*NOTE: Always pay attention to your baby when using a stroller and accessories. Keep an eye out for signs that your baby is either too cold or too hot and adjust your baby’s layers as needed. Also, please follow all guidelines when using third-party products with your stroller.

Keeping Baby Warm in 65-69F

You want to start with a thin cotton sleeper, my favorites are Target’s Cloud Island and Burt’s Bees Footed Sleepers. You don’t need a hat for baby nor mittens unless they are already built into the sleeper. No additional cover is required for your stroller at this temperature, only the built in awning to keep the sun out of your baby’s face and prevent any breeze from giving them a chill.

Keeping a minimal base layer, such as the cotton sleeper, allows you to easily adapt to an indoor setting. Too many clothing layers on baby can cause them to overheat indoors, especially when removing the layers is a hassle – like when they fall asleep in their stroller.

Keeping Baby Warm in 60-64F

Once again, start with your cotton sleeper. If there is no significant breeze, you can skip the hat! But, if there is a breeze, add a hat to keep their ears warm. You’ll also want to consider mittens. I recommend packing them and keeping an eye on your baby’s comfort level. Redness or pink on their fingers a sign they’re getting too cold and will be a signal to add your mittens. You will need a blanket, such as a receiving blanket, to drape over baby’s legs and torso as well.

Temperatures in this level vary based on outdoor conditions. For example, a mitten and hat may be too much when you’re in the sun. Alternatively, if you’re in the shade, you will need the additional bits to keep your baby warm!

Keeping Baby Warm in 55-59F

This time you can opt for a fleece sleeper rather than a cotton sleeper and prevent adding more layers. You will still need your baby’s mittens and hat no matter what you decide! If you go with a fleece sleeper, stick with one additional layer – like the receiving blanket, but pack a thicker blanket in case there is a chill.

If you decide to go with the cotton sleeper, you will need a thicker blanket and you may want to consider an all-weather stroller cover to prevent a chill.

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Keeping Baby Warm in 50-54F

Layers, layers, layers. That’s what you need! You want to start with a sleeper of your choice, a blanket, mittens, hat, and a stroller cover. An all weather stroller cover works best universally and is easier to find, but if you know your stroller model, you can purchase one that fits just right. For example, we own the Wonderfold W4 which offers a winter cover and an all-weather cover. We also have a Chicco Bravo Stroller which has a specific rain and wind cover for the KeyFit30.

If the weather is going to be particularly windy or chilly, you can also dress your baby in a thicker fleece bodysuit.

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Keeping Baby Warm in Below 49F

Once you hit 49F, the best rule of thumb is to add an additional thin layer for every 5 degrees colder. A thin layer could be a onesie, receiving blanket, or similar. You can also opt for thicker clothes once you hit under 30F weather. Some examples of thicker clothes include baby snowsuits, such as a puff suit or a fuzzy suit.

If your baby is an infant and you intend to keep them in their carseat rather than laying in their stroller bassinet style, I recommend looking into a thick winter and water proof seat cover. Please keep in mind that these are not to be used in your vehicle.

Simple Tips for Keeping Your Baby Warm in a Stroller

Simple Tips for Keeping Your Baby Warm in a Stroller | Everyday She Moms

Of course, all I can provide is the simple guideline to follow. If you’re still not sure how to dress your baby for the weather and how to keep them warm in the stroller, there are a few tips you can follow. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Layers are key. Dress your baby according to the weather by using layers rather than one thicker outfit. This will help if the weather changes, you baby gets too hot, or you need to go indoors.
  • Use items that transfer easily from a carseat to a stroller. Consider a baby cover that is compatible with a carseat and does’t effect car seat safety.
  • Use a universal stroller cover. As I mentioned in the temperature guides above, use a stroller cover to keep cold winds and any rain that could cause your baby to be cold.
  • Try a footmuff! They can help your baby stay warm – from their toes to their nose!

Have any tips or hacks for keeping your baby warm in their stroller? Share them in the comments down below!

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How to Keep Your Baby Warm in Their Stroller | Everyday She Moms
How to Keep Your Baby Warm in Their Stroller | Everyday She Moms
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