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DIY Valentine’s Basket for Toddlers (EASY)

I’m a sucker for a quick and easy DIY – particularly one that mainly relies on my to put it together and not spend two whole hours on paint or glue. This inspired my easy Valentine’s basket for toddlers, a great alternative to the traditional chocolate box.

I wanted something for my toddlers that would last a little bit longer too. Not something they would attempt to eat in less than 10 minutes. Or, if your toddler is like my oldest, deem it too “weird” to eat. Hence the baskets! Candy is actually a very small portion of what I put in our basket, but we’ll get to that in a second.

Here’s the breakdown of my super easy DIY Valentine’s basket for toddlers:

How to Make a Valentine’s Basket for Your Toddler

Valentine's Day Toddler Basket fillers

The idea of a basket began when my toddler’s preschool asked that they wear Valentine’s Day-themed outfits or red. Since I was shopping anyways, I might as well make it something spectacular. Much of what I purchased came as a pack or kit of multiples that I split between the two of my toddlers.

While it did end up being around $30 for each basket (my daughter was more expensive since I ordered handmade pants), it really wasn’t too bad. Luckily, you can replace a lot of what I purchased with similar things from the dollar store. I was just being lazy and decided to shop on Amazon.

Here’s what was included in both baskets:

Additionally, each kid had a specific Valentine’s Day outfit:

I did also order the white baskets from Amazon, but I didn’t add their cost to the cost of the project due to reusing them for future holiday baskets or decor. I do wish that I would have purchased maybe a small chocolate flower or a small toy of some type just to add it in there. I skipped on the cards this year because neither one of them can read, but I plan to add it in next year!

Putting Your Valentine’s Basket for Toddlers Together

Since I have two toddlers, I did put together two Valentine’s baskets. One for my youngest, a girl, and one for my oldest, a boy. They’re pretty much the same except that one is paw patrol and one is a pink/red leopard.

They also got different board books. They could have received the same and it would be perfectly fine, but my boy is a bigger fan of dinosaurs while my girl is a huge fan of fuzzy animals at the moment so I couldn’t say no to the Llama book!

Here’s how they both turned out:

I’m absolutely in LOVE with the final result. I think that they’ll both love their Valentine’s Day baskets. We will be giving them their baskets before school or the night before. Then they’ll get to have a great start to their day and we don’t have to worry about picking out our clothes.

Definitely a great addition to all the Valentine’s Day crafts we have planned for the week of Valentine’s Day!

You can check out a full breakdown and view all of the individual craft pieces over on our Youtube!

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DIY Valentine's Baskets for Toddlers | Everyday She Moms
DIY Valentine's Baskets for Toddlers | Everyday She Moms
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