Easter Traditions from Our Family to Yours

It’s the time of the year where we’re preparing for and celebrating Easter – in our family, it’s a time where we remember the resurrection of Jesus. This year in particular our son really dug into the meaning of Easter in his pre-school, something that we failed to do last year as he was too young to fully grasp the idea. With his new found fascination, we couldn’t wait to introduce our Easter traditions to him.

We have two different traditions in our two families (mine and my husbands) and both involve spending time with family, egg hunting, and visiting grandparents. It’s become a time where we truly enjoy each other and the time we have as well as having fun with the kids.

Since I shared our Easter tradition, I felt it was only right to share others. Here are a few Easter traditions from moms just like me:

Easter Egg Cookies!

Rachel from Glad to be Mama shares that her family bakes on Easter – specifically egg-shaped cookies! Here’s her family’s Easter tradition:

One of our favorite Easter traditions is baking and decorating egg-shaped cookies. The best thing about decorating cookies is that kids who might be too young to enjoy dyeing Easter eggs can participate in this activity instead. When it comes to supplies, I have found that it’s ideal to provide many different frostings and sprinkles. Then, you can let each kid’s creativity take over!


Unique Easter Baskets

Jenn from Dinkum Tribe shares that her family gets together and dyes eggs – a more traditional Easter tradition. Unlike others though, their Easter baskets have a unique filling for her six kids:

One of our favorite Easter traditions is to dye eggs together! We all sit down, from preschooler to teens, and dye two or three dozen hard boiled eggs together. It’s a whole-family craft! We also give our 6 kids a family Easter basket, and it usually includes gardening supplies for everyone, like garden gloves, seeds, new trowels and weeding tools, or outdoor gear like sunglasses. Since it’s early spring, it’s a great time to get everyone set up with what they need for more outdoor activities.


Big Easter Breakfast

Kristina from All About Momma shares that her family’s Easter tradition centers around sharing food and having a big breakfast filled with their family favorites! They also enjoy an Easter egg hunt and delicious desserts:

Our easter tradition is to have a nice big breakfast of quiche, fruit and french toast. After we have our easter egg hunt for the kids outside in the backyard. I love hiding the eggs in the play-set, our fenced in garden and amongst nature. In recent years my toddlers like to drive their toy jeep around and search for their eggs. I also hid an easter basket each for the kids that my mother made when I was a child. We snack for lunch and sort through all the goodies in the easter eggs. For dinner we have a roast and a chocolate cake for dessert.


Traditional Easter Morning

Yesenia from Hard Knock Mama shares her family’s traditional approach to Easter morning by going to church and spending time with extended family. Here’s what she shared:

My family goes to Church in the morning all dressed up in our Easter best. Then, we go to my mother-in-law’s house for a big fancy Easter brunch. We also set up an Easter egg hunt in the backyard for all the kids. It’s truly a special day filled with memories for all of us!


Friends & Family

Jordan from The Motherly Heap spreads their Easter celebrations to beyond their family and to their friends. They still participate in the traditional Easter egg hunt and games, but also do more to celebrate that Christ has risen:

After celebrating Easter Sunday Mass, we head over to have an Easter picnic with families and close friends until dusk. The kids will have the traditional Easter egg hunt and games. They’ll be plenty of food to feast on and company to enjoy. It’s a great way to connect and celebrate the Risen Christ.


A Different Tradition to Try

Victoria from Hope Above All had an amazing and unique Easter tradition that I was so glad I could share. Hers was very different from what I would expect and do myself, which made it all the more fun and interesting. Here’s what her Easter traditions look like in her family:

My kids are 17 and 19 now. One began college last year and the other is heading off to college this year! Easter celebrations at our house are, as you can imagine, being revamped and reinvented! When the kids were younger, we would do various Easter egg hunts around town. These were always fun. We went to church on Easter Sunday morning before the wild egg chases began! Now that the kids are older (and my son may still be on his college campus during Easter), I am being forced to come up with new ideas! Church will probably still happen.


Some of her traditions actually stem from her younger years, when she didn’t live in the United States and experienced a different culture.

I grew up on the island of Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean where I was fortunate enough to be exposed to unique traditions. One of them is baking hot cross buns. These are yummy sweet rolls with the symbol of a cross made on them. It is a wildly popular Easter tradition that began sometime during the 12th century. It is said that a monk would bake these buns and mark them with a cross in honor of Good Friday. It is not known why or exactly when this tradition became so popular. I may give this a try this year, and start a new tradition at my home!


There’s still a little more to share! Victoria had her own memorable Easter traditions that left a lasting impression through the years. Here’s what she had to share:

As a child, my family and I would sit and watch older movies that told the story of Easter. I do this with my own family as well. Also our neighborhood has put together Easter block parties in the past (pre-Covid of course) where eggs would be scattered around all the front yards and the kids would have a massive egg hunt. While the kids played, the grown ups seized the opportunity to get together and socialize while munching on food and snacks contributed by the various families. I’m unsure whether this will happen this year but even if it doesn’t, my family will use this time to do something fun together. Spending time together is my favorite activity!!


Keeping it Simple

In her own words, Elizabeth from Discovery Play With Littles likes to keep it simple. She sticks to traditional and skips the candy, instead she focuses on choosing Easter basket fillers that the whole family can enjoy together:

Our boys are young (4 and 1) so our Easter Tradition is pretty simple. We start the day by going to church. When we come home, we do a quick hunt for their gifts. We don’t do Easter baskets full of candy, but instead try to get a game or toy that we can use together. (Last year, we gave my son a scooter so he could ride it when we go on the trail together.) We head over to my mom’s for a big Easter lunch and spend the day with family-outdoors, if possible!


I hope you enjoyed our Easter round-up and maybe found a family that does something similar to your own, and one that doesn’t! Take a moment and share your Easter traditions in the comments – I would love to learn more about what other mama’s do and what I can introduce to my own littles!

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"EASTER TRADITIONS FROM OUR FAMILY TO YOURS" ROUND UP POST FOR EVERDAYSHEMOMS | Easter traditions from Mamas through the United States. Mom sharing their favorite and most unique Easter traditions.
"EASTER TRADITIONS FROM OUR FAMILY TO YOURS" ROUND UP POST FOR EVERDAYSHEMOMS | Easter traditions from Mamas through the United States. Mom sharing their favorite and most unique Easter traditions.
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