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How to Stay Active as a Mom in 2023

If you’re trying to figure out how to stay active as a mom – or even start being active, you’ve come to the right place. One of the many struggles of motherhood is our inability to have time for everything, which means we can either combine and multitask, or we can get up at the crack of dawn to accomplish our to-do list. Oftentimes, we end up doing both.

The struggle with staying active is that we know it’s good for both our bodies and our mental health, but it’s hard to find the dedication and time to get it done. What we don’t consider is that all steps are good steps. So, if you were barely walking five minutes a day and you move up to 10 minutes, we’re counting that as a win!

Anyways, while you’re contemplating how to stay active as a mom this year, you’re probably trying to navigate how to either find time away from or include your kids in the process. Thankfully, you’re not the only mom with the struggle.

Why Should Moms Try and Stay Active?

Why and how to stay active as a mom this year | Everyday She Moms

Believe it or not, exercise has been proven to reduce your anxiety and depression – mental health struggles that moms from all walks of life experience. Exercise has even been proven to be effective in reducing PPD (Postpartum Depression) symptoms for moms.

Additionally, it helps your body stay in good shape. No, I’m not talking about just looking good. I’m talking about keeping your immune system healthy, staying fit to keep up with your kids, and just having better health overall.

I don’t want to bore you with all the why’s, if you’re here, then you probably already know a good bit about it. If you want to know more about why moms should exercise, read this fun article by the Daily Mom.

Instead, we’re going to focus on the how – and what better way to do so than to hear directly from moms themselves!

How to Stay Active as a Mom in 2023

How you can stay active as a mom this year and include your kids | Everyday She Moms

Now for the good part, how to stay active as a mom this year! We’re covering our favorite tips and tricks, activities, and just all around experiences around how we’re able to stay active while being a mom.

Of course, everyone has their own experiences so the level of activity varies from mom to mom – and that’s totally okay! Do what you can and take what you need from our little collection as inspiration to find stuff to do by yourself or with your kids to stay active.

Here are 11 ways you can stay active as a mom in 2023:

#1. Take Big Walks

Sofia from The Organized Family says “I love to go for big walks with my Daughter. These are great opportunities to talk about many things, understand her better, and have fun together. What I would also recommend to fellow Moms is to have a workout routine. It helps a lot with staying active and healthy – both physically and mentally!”

#2. Sledding, Ice Skating, Hiking, & More…

Living in a colder area, April from Chaos and Wine says,

“It’s hard living in Minnesota where it’s so cold but we manage to stay active through the winter by sledding, ice skating, hiking frozen waterfalls and visiting indoor pools! During the Spring, Summer and Fall we love to hike and visit all the beautiful state and county parks in our area!”

Playing in the snow to stay active as a mom | Chaos and Wine | Everyday She Moms

#3. Try Different Things!

Brooke from Bump to Busy Mama says, “As a mama of an oh so busy toddler, staying active is essential! I try to mix things up so staying active doesn’t feel like a chore. In the mornings while my daughter is playing in her play pen,

Toys for kids that encourage staying active for moms | Bump to Busy Mama | Everyday She Moms

I workout beside her. She usually giggles at me and dances to the beat of the music. It is entertaining for both of us! Recently she was gifted a pink Mercedes ride on car with a remote control. She loves to cruise through our neighborhood or the local park in her luxury car while I jog behind her. My biggest recommendation is to always keep it interesting so staying active is fun for both you and your babe.”

#4. Dancing

Sam from Sam Bam in Mamaland says “My kids and I love to dance! I use my Apple Watch with Apple Fitness+ to do dance workouts. It’s great because we have so much fun, there are new workouts every week, and I can track my workout stats. Added bonus because it’s at home and you can do it in your jammies!”

#5. Being Creative with Your Kids

Marina from A Mum to Mum says “To me being active as a mom means spending time with my kids and being creative. Our last project was to make rainbow-themed birthday accessories. We enjoyed making invitations and pinata bags for our guests. It was a memory they will always remember!”

Craft ideas to get yourself and your kids active this year | A Mum to Mum | Everyday She Moms

#6. Baby Wearing!

How baby wearing can help you stay active as a mom | Coping with Lindsey | Everyday She Moms

Lindsey from Coping with Lindsey shared “Go hiking as much as possible! Babywearing is a great way to get the really littles outside. And as they grow, hiking on their own is definitely an option. The benefits of outdoor exploration are endless, plus it’s free! What more could a mama ask for?! In the picture below I was 32 weeks pregnant and hiking Minnesota’s North Shore with my two-year-old in tow! I nursed my daughter on the trail when she was 6-months-old and will do the same with my son! You can do it, mama!”

#7. Make it Family Time!

Rheanna from A Little and A Latte says “We do things a family a lot when my husband is off work, that way we can still see him but we get out of the house too. One of our favorites is to go to a disc golf course. My husband plays, and my son and I just join for the walk. Spending our family time doing active things helps it be more enjoyable and easier to stay consistent”

Outdoor family time to help mom stay active in 2023 | A Little and A Latte | Everyday She Moms

#8. Mommy & Me Yoga

Kate from The Mindful Toddler says “It is hard to find time to be active and go outside while living in an apartment with no car to get out. However, what I found that works with my two toddlers is getting them each a yoga mat. Then first thing in the morning, we do yoga together, and once again at night. They love trying all the different poses and will always do it if I am doing it with me!”

#9. Go on a Trail

Elizabeth from Discovery Play With Littles says “There’s a trail close to our house that we love to walk. I get to walk/run and my oldest loves to ride his scooter while my

Going on daily exercise and staying active as a mom in 2023 | Discovery Play with Littles | Everyday She Moms

youngest is in the stroller. This is good exercise, and it gets us outside. There are so many benefits of being outdoors for kids, including increased focus, increased motor Development and healthier bodies. My favorite benefit is it encourages intentional time with my boys. It’s really hard to be distracted by your phone while you are walking on the trail, enjoying the sunshine and listening to the birds singing!”

#10. Reignite Your Passion

Julie from Family Trips and Travels says “Before having kids I loved to hike. After they were born, it was still something I longed to do, so I decided to take them with me! When they are small we took them in a hiking backpack, but eventually, they learn to hike on their own and explore. We love going on long or short hikes on the weekends to get outside and get some fresh air and exercise!”

How to start hiking with your littles and how to stay active as a mom | Family Trips and Travels | Everyday She Moms

#11. Make it Easier on Yourself!

If you’ve ever met me, you know I’m all about making life easier on yourself! Having the right tools to do what you wanna do when you want to do it makes you 10x more likely to go through with it – the same goes for being active! When you feel like it’s going to be too overwhelming or you’re not in a “good place” to do an activity, you don’t do it.

So, I made going out and being active a bit easier on myself! I invested in an outdoor wagon that carries both my current kids and has space for my baby too! It’s perfect for the zoo, park, and just taking a walk around the block.

Our specific wagon is the Wonderfold W4 and is meant for four kids. You can learn more about it by checking out our full Wonderfold W4 Review!

How a Wonderfold wagon can help you stay active as a mom | Everyday She Moms
How to stay active as a mom with toddlers | Everyday She Moms
Staying active as a mom in 2023 | Everyday She Moms

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Are you learning how to stay active as a mom in 2023? Here are some of our favorite tips as moms from all walks of life and how you can keep active with your kids! | Everyday She Moms
Are you learning how to stay active as a mom in 2023? Here are some of our favorite tips as moms from all walks of life and how you can keep active with your kids! | Everyday She Moms
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