Easy Handprint Clover DIY St. Patricks Day Keepsake

My kids love a good craft, and there’s always an excuse to whip out the paint with holidays coming up. Our first project of spring just happens to be this super simple handprint clover DIY for St. Patricks Day. Both of my toddlers adored the project and immediately had to show it to all of their family members. I call that a win! When you have a simple craft that brings them joy (and doesn’t cause you hours of clean-up), it’s a keeper.

Here’s how you can make a handprint clover for St. Patricks Day with your kids:

Handprint Clover DIY for St. Patricks Day

When I say that this is a simple project/DIY, I mean it. Ultimately, you just need a canvas, some paint, and patience to help your kids or toddlers. My littlest wanted my help every step of the way while my almost four-year-old took the independent route.

I won’t lie, I did originally see a version of this St. Patricks Day DIY on Pinterest. Sadly, I couldn’t find the full post and just a few of the pictures so I decided to do my own! Not a big deal when it’s something this easy.

What You’ll Need:

Just like any other craft, you will need a few supplies. Luckily, it’s not too difficult to gather and a quick trip to any general store or visiting Amazon online will do the trick.

Here’s what you’ll need:

How to Make Your Handprint Clover DIY

Although there are a couple hundred St. Patricks Day Crafts you can try with your toddlers, this one is by far the easiest and least time consuming. But, before you get to the part where your kids get paint all over their hands, you may need to go ahead and add the clover stem.

You can do this afterwards, but it gave my littles a guide on where they should place their hands to make the clover’s leafs.

Making a handprint clover DIY with your toddlers | Everyday She Moms

Next, you can ether paint your kid’s hand with the green or you can let them dip their hand in green paint on a plate or something similar. I chose to paint their hands to keep the paint from becoming globs as they wanted to take their handprint clovers to their Gigi’s house later that evening.

Then they can either be guided into their hand placement or you can let them just go for it!

The first handprint on a handprint clover for toddlers | Everyday She Moms

I guided my youngest in her hand placement, which lead to her handprint clover being spaced equally – at least more so than her older brother’s clover. He wanted to be independent and place his hand with little guidance. I was more than okay with that!

While the clover’s stem smeared a little bit, the overall end result was great! We let them dry outside while my kids played around outside for awhile. They showed off their hard work to their Gigi, Pop, Grandma – pretty much anyone they met that afternoon!

What crafts are your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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Easy Handprint Clover DIY St. Patricks Day Keepsake | Everyday She Moms
Easy Handprint Clover DIY St. Patricks Day Keepsake | Everyday She Moms
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