4 Great Tips To Stay Encouraged As A Stay at Home Mom

“I mean where do you begin to remain encouraged as a stay at home mom?”

I mean think about it.

Every day is mostly the same thing.

You wake up and feed the kids. If you have smaller kids, you have to get your kids dressed.

Toddler moms then have to find a way to keep their little ones entertained or else you may get regret how they decide to entertain themselves. (I’m sure we have all been there)

If they are of school age and you have made the decision to homeschool, then you have to switch into teacher mode.

Oh and then the kids are hungry again, so you have to feed the kids again.

And then by this time if you have smaller kids, this is likely a time they will need a nap because no one wants to deal with a cranky little person who is not rested.

Instead of resting during this time, you look around at the disaster that occurred within the few hours of them being awake and realize that you should probably clean up before they wake up.

Next thing you know, they are up again and guess what?

They are hungry again so it’s time to feed them again.

By the end of the day, you might be so exhausted from taking care of the kids that all you want to do is sleep once everyone else has finally fallen asleep only to wake up and do it all over again.

Only to not even receive a physical paycheck for what you are doing, because what you are doing sounds exactly like a job.

And people love to stay at home moms do nothing all day.

Not quite the nothingness you were picturing huh? No wonder so many moms fall into that stay at home mom depression that is becoming more common.

So that brings back up the question that was posed at the beginning?

How do you stay encouraged as a stay at home mom?

Well as a fellow stay at home mom, this is where I come in. Here I will dive into some tips on how I stay motivated and encouraged as a stay at home mom.

Finding Fulfillment As A Stay At Home Mom

In to order to feel encouraged, it starts with feeling fulfilled as a stay at home mom.

You need to see the value that you bring to the table.

There are so many benefits to being a stay at home mom that if you reversed the way that you viewed certain household tasks, you can begin to see that you have lot more control than you think do.

For instance, by cooking meals, you are the one primarily in charge of what is going into your child’s bodies.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong nor should you feel guilty for not cooking every meal. Mom guilt is not something that I’m trying to promote here.

But once again, you are in control of this and have the ability to control what nutrients your child is receiving when you reframe this task.

When you make the decision to homeschool, you are also their teacher which means you are in control of what your child is learning.

You are in charge of the education that your child receives and although that may feel like a lot of pressure, you can teach your child what you think truly matters and what may not be taught in a regular school curriculum.

By keeping your clean and tidy, you are in control of the environment your home represents.

Do you want your home to represent chaos or peace?

I would hope that you would choose the later of the two. And this starts with having a clean home that gives you the space to be productive and organized.

This does not mean your home has to be sparkling clean at all times, but daily tidy ups followed up by one day a week of a deeper clean will do the trick.

You can feel fulfilled and take back control with these positive reframes that I just mentioned within the many hats you wear as a mom.

How To Stay Encouraged As A Stay At Home Mom

Now that we understand our value, let’s get into some tips on how I stay encouraged while being home with my little one.

1. Have A Routine

In order to start thriving as a stay at home mom, you have to have a routine.

There is no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

A schedule or a routine of some sort is what will give you some of your day back because you can plan around certain times.

Not to mention that by you having a routine, this creates consistency for your child as well which we all know that children thrive in a consistent and familiar environment.

My toddler’s daily routine consists of mealtimes and naptimes that are generally around the same time every day.

Of course everyday isn’t the same and we get off schedule at times, but for the most part, our days look pretty similiar.

Encouraged As A Stay At Home Mom

2. “If You Look Good, You Feel Good”

And it’s true.

If you look good, you feel good.

So for all those moms who at home, you don’t have to look like you just rolled out of bed.

If you were going to a job, you wouldn’t look like that, so why do you think you should look like that at home?

What you are doing is a job and you should treat it as a job.

Change out of those pajamas and sweatpants and throw on something that makes you look more put together.

For me, it is leggings and a nice fitted shirt. Something that if I needed to leave the house in, I could and still look presentable.

3. Take Up A Hobby

Many of us get so caught up in mom-mode that we often forget about the things that we like to do.

Well, you are more than just mom.

For me, there is a couple things that I figured out that I like to do.

I genuinely enjoy writing on my personal blog because I get to document all of my mommy experiences as well as anything I have learned along the way in a space that many moms can relate to.

Another hobby of mine is that I like to read. In particular, romance novels. (I know corny right)

I like to read after my daughter goes to bed at night if I’m not working on my blog and I have found it to be such a peaceful activity.

You have to find something that you like to do outside of your kids and do it.

4. Reach Out For Support

My last tip is reach out for support.

Just because you are home most of the time, does not mean that you cannot reach out to someone on the those harder days.

Quit saying you’re fine when you clearly are not.

You are deserving of support regardless of what you may think.

Reach out to your best friend, mom, or sibling. Just someone who can be an ear and allow you to be vulnerable without judgement.

If that is seeing a therapist and attending therapy, then so be it.

You shouldn’t have to go through motherhood miserable and unhappy most of the time.

There are people who care about you and want to help you succeed.

Your Turn

I hope these tips provided some encouragement and motivation for any stay at home moms present here.

My goal is to always provide tips and habits that have helped me stay encouraged as a stay-at-home mom in order for us all to just feel good within motherhood.

If you have any other words of encouragement for moms, drop them in the comments below! Until next time!

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Hi! I'm Jasmyn or "Jas" as everyone else likes to call me! I'm a stay at home mom to my adorable toddler and married to my wonderful husband! I blog about all things mom-life, mental health, and motivation with the intention of making us mommas "just'' feel good when you come to my little corner of the internet. Why don't you join me in "just" feeling good too!

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  1. Having a routine really does help,
    The best thing that helped me stay motivated was writing a daily to-do list. It just takes a few minutes to write and I can stay more organized, motivated, and focused.

  2. Finding what works for you as a mom who is at home is crucial for yourself and your children. Thank you for posting this to help keep us encouraged and focused on all we have to do!

  3. Having been on both sides I absolutely agree with you. Recognizing your value as a SAHM is huge. It sets the tone for everything else.
    Such an important read!

  4. Great tips! I didn’t realize how depressed one can get until I became a stay at home mom a few months ago. I find having a routine has helped so much.

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