15 Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for 2022

With Mother’s Day approaching, many moms are left wondering what exactly they should “request” from their families – or you might be looking for a unique Mother’s Day gift for your own mom! Mother’s Day is a day where we get to honor the women who birthed us, raised us, cared for us, or simply took the role of “mother” when we needed it most.

For these women, a “world’s best mom” coffee mug or gift certificate to their favorite restaurant might not feel like enough. You’re looking for something different, something unique! And, thanks to a few amazing mamas, we’ve come up with a list of 15 unique Mother’s Day ideas for you to try in 2022:

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#1. Dinner Date & Family Day

This year my husband suggested we go out of town and visit his family near the beach. Of course I agreed – I love the beach – and has planned a dinner date on the first night and a day out to the aquarium with the kids, their grandparents, and their cousins.

I thought that this was a great, creative way to celebrate Mother’s Day. On one hand, I always want a break to spend time with him since I stay home with babies 24/7 – but my babies are the reason I’m a mom and I want to spend time with them too.

#2. DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

Elizabeth from Discovery Play with Littles suggest doing it yourself and making Mother’s Day gifts!

We love making our Mother’s Day gifts. Often this can be done inexpensively and they also make sentimental gifts for mom to treasure forever. Gifts with handprints or footprints are fun to make, kids are proud to give mama something they’ve worked hard on, and moms love them. We love decorating flower pots with handprints and footprints (with younger kids), filling them with flowers and giving them to mom for mother’s day.

Elizabeth, Discovery play with littles

#3. Improve Your Self-Esteem

Something that we tend to neglect when it comes to motherhood is our mentality – including our self-esteem. Kate from Kateable suggest taking the day to validate yourself and improve your self-esteem:

One unique Mother’s Day gift is by validating yourself and improving your self-esteem as a mom. Kids can make you affirmation cards with things they think you are. For example, if they think you are kind, the affirmation would be “I am Kind.” They can decorate the cards and hang them up where you see them throughout the day. Just by reading those statements daily, you will start to believe them!

Kate from kateable

#4. Find a “Mental Tool Box”

Mom life is something that no one really prepares you for – which is why Brittni from Brittni Clarkson created her Happy Mom-Brain Workbook (and suggests utilizing it this Mother’s Day):

Becoming a mom is major life shift that no one prepares you for. The Happy Mom-Brain was created to be an educational tool and “mental tool box.” This is a go-to resource for mental wellness, self-care, anxiety and stress management designed specifically for mothers. 

Brittni Clarkson

#5. Acupressure!

Attempt a Mother’s Day adventure that is outside of your norm – Vi-Zanne from Around the Clock Mom suggests trying an acupressure mat:

Acupressure mat is great for relieving stress at the end of the day. It’s like getting a spa-like experience but without needing to go to the spa! Also, I would recommend the camera Lens kit. Moms love to take pictures of their kids, so this allows to take great pictures without needing to carry around the DSLR.

Vi-zanne from around the clock mom

#6. The Crafty Mom Stuff

A unique Mother’s Day gift ideas for crafty moms, Yesenia from Hard Knock Mama suggests some party ideas:

For crafty moms who love to DIY for birthday parties, some great gift ideas include a balloon arch kit or a cake decorating kit. They make for fun and creative gifts!

yesenia from hard knock mama

#7. Take a Break

If you need a break, take it mama! It’s okay to use your Mother’s Day to take a quick break from being a mom – RaLea from Balancedfi has a good suggestion:

My go-to Mother’s Day gift request is to ask for a night away. Even one night in a local hotel is an amazing break and opportunity to truly relax. Most moms I know are always on duty when they’re home, so getting away is a great gift.

ralea from balancedfi

#8. Surprise for Mama

Brittany from Mamas Know How wanted to share a unique Mother’s Day gift that her fiancé and daughter prepared for her last year, which she loved:

Last year, my fiancé took my daughter to a local pottery painting shop. They picked out 4 tiles and my daughter painted cute little designs on them. Then, my fiancé wrote different reasons why I’m a good mom on each one. Seriously the best gift I’ve ever received! I have them hanging on the wall in the kitchen to admire every day.

Brittany from mamas know how

#9. Spa Gift Certificate

Enjoy a relaxing day using Jasmyn from Just Jass suggestion:

A really good gift that I got for Mother’s Day was a Spa Gift Certificate! It was good for one massage and a facial! As a stay at home mom of 2 kids 3 and under, it felt great to be catered to and unwind in a relaxing environment!

jasmyn from just jass

#10. Mother’s Day for Pregnant Moms

Motherhood doesn’t start at birth, you’re a mom much longer before that! Karissa from Mom After Baby suggests looking for a unique Mother’s Day gift for expecting and postpartum moms as well!

This idea is aimed more for pregnant or postpartum moms, but I think a wonderful Mother’s Day Gift Idea would be to gift her an “after birth care kit” to help her navigate those early days of postpartum with more ease. Knowing she has some care supplies and support in her corner – the thought alone is so meaningful. I have gifted a personally curated kit to a few of my own mom friends and they are always so thankful for the gift. If making one isn’t your style, you can also find pre-made postpartum care kits you can purchase and wrap up as a gift too.

Karissa from mom after baby

#11. Try TWO Mother’s Day Gifts

Crystal from Amazing Baby had two suggestions for a Mother’s Day gift this year – one being a photo memory:

Commemorate every Mother’s Day with a family photo. Either go all out using a professional photographer or use a mobile phone with fantastic image quality. Pick your favorite photo and have it reprinted on an item Mom would enjoy—coffee mug, cozy blanket, etc. Mom will love to see how her family has grown up over the years.

Crystal from amazing baby

For her second suggestion, she offered something that is wholesome and allows you to really leave a message for your babies in the future:

Expecting moms (via pregnancy, surrogacy, adoption, etc) will love using the Amazing Baby app to leave messages for their baby before they’re born! They can leave audio messages telling them how much they are thinking of them; take photos of the nursery; record a video from the baby shower and more! Friends and family can also leave messages so by the time baby makes their big debut, they will have a digital baby journal bursting with love!

Crystal from amazing baby

#12. Make Your Life Easier

Victoria from Hope Above All couldn’t decide on just one Mother’s Day gift to recommend, so she recommended a few that are sure to make your life easier:

1) A cordless electric hand massager: provides relief after a long hard day of work or chores 2) A handheld fabric steamer: for those days you just don’t want to pull out that ironing board

victoria from hope above all

Or one of her other suggestions:

3) A journaling notebook: to record the important things, and maybe even the not-so-important thing 4) A portable neck fan: for those of us approaching menopause

victoria from hope above all

#13. Read! Read! Read!

Kelly Mager from Mini Mischief Managed suggested a good book for your Mother’s Day festivities:

The book “15 Ways For New Moms To Manage Stress & Stay Sane” is a great Mother’s Day gift for new moms and moms-to-be. “As a second time mom, I can assure you every single page of this book is spot-on.” – Gill Written in a straight to the point manner (because as busy moms our reading needs to be!), Kelly’s book covers practical, actionable ideas for all moms in less than 100 pages. “The best part? The tips are manageable. They are clear and reasonable and flexible.” – Angela New moms would all love more sleep for Mother’s Day. But if they can’t have that, this book helps them navigate common situations that cause stress to make parenting a more enjoyable journey!

Kelly Mager from Mini Mischief Managed

#14. Make it Sweet & Yummy

Heidi from Little Star Parent had one of my favorite ideas – make it sweet and yummy!

Muffins with Mom is a sweet and yummy gift idea. It plays on alliteration, which is always fun for kids, too! Help your little ones whip up a batch of Mom’s favorite muffins for her special day – she’ll love the effort and the outcome, and you’ll both be able to enjoy the finished product. Bring her breakfast in bed or have her join you at the kitchen table – it will be a new tradition that you can continue for years!

Heidi from Little Star Parent

#15. Build Self-Care Into Your Routine

Emily from Intentionally Well Blog emphasizes how important it is to take this chance and integrate self-care into your routines:

The best Mother’s Day gift any new mom can obtain is learning how to make make self care part of her routine. Early motherhood is can be so overwhelming. Learning how to take care of your mental health is so precious. I hope these tips encourage you to take care of yourself in the mundane of diapers, feeding, and endless snacks.

Emily from Intentionally Well Blog

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should "request" from their families - or you might be looking for a unique Mother's Day gift for your own mom! Mother's Day is a day where we get to honor the women who birthed us, raised us, cared for us, or simply took the role of "mother" when we needed it most.
should "request" from their families - or you might be looking for a unique Mother's Day gift for your own mom! Mother's Day is a day where we get to honor the women who birthed us, raised us, cared for us, or simply took the role of "mother" when we needed it most.
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