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I’m Ashley, work-at-home mom of 2 littles, deep in the trenches of toddler tantrums and baby sleep regressions. This blog is meant to encourage you in your everyday tasks in motherhood, no matter where you are in your journey.

We really love UNIQUE ideas that have NEVER been published on the internet! We would love posts about: 

  • Self-Care tips
  • Pregnancy tips
  • Newborn/Toddler/Kid/Tween tips
  • Cleaning/House Management tips

However, any blog post that has the goal of encouraging or helping a mom out is welcomed here!

Additionally, preference will be given to these topics:

  • Any holiday related mom tips
  • “Keeping littles busy” ideas and activities
  • Breastfeeding/Post-partum tips or stories
  • Organization/Time management tips
  • Clever mom hacks/tricks up your sleeve

It’s important to note that not all blog post ideas will be accepted. 

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Everyday she Moms is a new community where moms encourage each other. We are all moms every day, second, hour, and we all want the best for our kids! Currently, the site receives around 700-800 visits per month as of me writing this on 3/29/2021 (before any guest posts have gone live), and I believe that will only grow!

All guests posts should include:

  • At least 1,000 words
  • Use of H2 or H3 subheadings
  • How to or list posts
  • Must solve a problem that the reader has (please feel free to use your story to help the reader, too!)
  • No affiliate links (sorry!)
  • No images (unless you have a specific one you’d like me to use)

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****When you are submitting your tentative title for your blog post/idea for your post, give more than one word. It should read like “Tips to help moms with __” or, “how to ____ as a busy mom”, etc.

Here are some of the most popular guest posts on the site, if you need to reference what your title should be like and how the post should be constructed!

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